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This gallery has more than a thousand images of Mount Kelly swimmers competing at the 2015 Easter Meet hosted by Portsmouth Northsea Swim Club. I'm making these images free to download but framed prints, acrylic mounts and other products are also available to purchase.
These images are largely unedited. If you would like me to edit an image (e.g. cropped & optimised for brightness, colour & contrast etc) then please select your images using the "Favourites" (love-heart) button and use the "Send to photographer" option to inform me of your selection; I will endeavour to edit to order. If you're happy with the image "as is", just click on the thumbnail to show the larger photo & select "Download" from the menu, which appears when you hover over the image. I will edit & optimise all images for any printed product purchases that you may wish to order. Thanks for visiting my website ! Please follow me on Twitter for future photo updates.